Triados Banking = Ethical Banking

Triodos Bank’s mission is to help create a society that protects and promotes quality of life and human dignity for all.

Since 1980, their sustainable financial products have enabled individuals and organisations to use their money in ways that benefit people and the environment.

Coronavirus is a chance to change

Coronoa virus, just like SARS, Mad Cows Disease, Swine Flu and Bird Flu derides from the same source over and over again, the consumption of animal flesh and their derivatives.

How many dangerous and killer virus’s will it take before a race
takes notices and implement changes in the (slap in the) face evidence.

Don’t let it be a child’s loss of life, beloved family elder or other loved one before YOU make the choice to bring about positive change.

Let animals live their life and give their breast milk to their own babies and we live ours and drink our own mother’s milk.

Fields of Freedom, URGENT support needed.

Hi Everyone, please check this out and if you can, share or donate, its a really URGENT situation and cause.


“Fields of Freedom is in desperate need of a new home.

The animals have been attacked by hostile neighbours and two pigs are now dead from poisoning. The endless rains and storms over the past 6 months have caused the current farm to become structurally unsafe, with the old walls and roofs in the stables in danger of falling down on the animals.

The animals here need saving from the terrible consequence that awaits them if we cannot find new shelter for them before the farm collapses on top of them,”

Many Thanks.



Anastasia, The Ringing Cedar Series.

Anastasia, The Ringing Cedar Series.

The most profoundly hopeful set of books I’ve ever read.

With practical ways to implement positive change on how to inhabit our beautiful planet Earth.

One of the topics touched on is the recommendation of a plant based diet for the healthy survival of our species and spiritual growth.

Forever grateful to Anastasia, Vladimir, who wrote the books and their elder clan members of who’s deep wisdom is intrinsically entwined throughout the books.


By Vegan Vocalist

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Wilde and Dangerous!


Gilly Dangerous and Brett Wilde, a collaboration with undeniable chemistry, the PERFECT fit musically and vocally.

The Track “In Your Dreams” from the compilation  album City Divas (mentioned in my previous post) has had a deep impact on me and my musical journey.

With Gilly’s wrenching, heartfelt. soulful, rich and versatile depth of sound she absolutely rips her heart out to convey a picture. You can actually hear her clenching her teeth as she restrains from spitting out the words in the most integral part of this composition. Such vocal control. This track  made me cry….several times.

Gilly uses her instrument in an unbridled honest expression to devastating, powerful effect. You really wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this lady if this is what she can harness JUST with her raw voice.

A vocal panther, beautiful and to be regarded with deep respect. Such a creature, alone she can cast a spell, hypnotizing you to the spot with just her voice.

Brett, her right hand man. Equally musically striking with his ability to portray tender intelligence.

Pure Genius.

But together, Alchemy.

Shocking that two souls have reached such spiritual depth and ever met. I live for the day they write together again.

I only wish that I could invest in them myself.

I once had the honor of joining Gilly on stage doing backing vocals – A dream come true!


By Vegan Vocalist

Brett Wilde…A Musical Right Hook.

Brett Wilde is ESSENTIAL listening and if you ever get the chance to listen to “In Your Dreams” written by Gilly Dangerous and Brett Wilde, do treat yourself.

Brett’s music and art is available here:

His artwork portrays the same qualities as his music, but with the occasional mischievous pixie thrown in for good measure. Hilarious, offcenter, curveball sense of humor, just to throw you off scent.

(The track, “In your Dreams” is on the album City diva’s, a compilation album recorded in 1999 at BBC Pebble Mill Studio 2, with some of Birmingham’s best female vocalists and you can buy it here:  )


By Vegan Vocalist

Howard Zinn’s Speech


Matt expresses how I feel but never in a million years could have so eloquently put across…..


“MAAAATT DAAAAAAMONNNN!!!!” ( Funny as F**K !!!)


Team America…. one of my all time fav films,  but it does sniff….just a teeny weeny bit of others feeling threatened maybe by him?

So although this speech was written by Howard Zinn,   a lifelong friend,  Matt IS being the change he wants to see.

Still love the film though :D, and ALWAYS love Matt’s performances.

(I’m sure Matt has a great sense of humor, and has a giggle about it, being able to laugh at yourself is one of the most attractive qualities in others I feel.)


By Vegan Vocalist

Hand in hand.

Green fields


forest seen,

Land of fruit


honey bees.

Our hands are held,

and we are one.

Tie me to the light

the barrier shield.

Colours burst

upon the souls

of everyone.

Who’s thirst behold.

Vision’s clear

and blue surround

and we walk forward hand in hand.


By Vegan Vocalist